By Sarah J

By Sarah J

April 7, 2023

The emerging roles of AI and Neural MT and why they matter

You’ve got a challenge on your hands; you need to create a new dazzling email campaign for your online casino that’ll boost player values for the new slot you’ve introduced. Thing is, you don’t have a Copywriter, so you do what millions of people have been doing since the turn of 2023 – you head to ChatGPT and ask it to create an email for you, and it does!

Fantastic, so that’s one problem solved. The other problem is that you’re not just serving the UK, but are targeting Finland and Norway, too. Do you take the risk and copy the content ChatGPT gave you and paste it into Google Translate?


Well, let’s first take a good look at the first challenge that presented itself. Creating the content in the first place!

Creating content with AI

Can you create great, engaging content with AI generators such as ChatGPT? Maybe. Will the content AI produce have the heart, soul, and cultural nuances placed with it? Probably not. At GTH, we leverage AI when creating content, but do we use AI exclusively when creating content for ourselves or our clients? Absolutely not.


AI content generators, like ChatGPT, definitely play a vital role in speeding things up. For instance, when it came to creating this blog post, we asked ChatGPT a few questions. It provided us with some useful information, then our awesome Copywriting Team created this post (cheap plug).


So, when it comes to the creation of any content that’s going to generate buzz, we still find that human beings, especially humans which are vastly experienced Copywriters, is the way to go. You see, AI can’t be trained by us personally. Our Copywriters have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to creating content for a host of verticals. AI doesn’t. It simply scours the internet and pieces together content in what it believes to be a coherent fashion.


But what about localizing your latest content? Do you turn to technology such as NMT? To answer that question, I think it’s best to explain what NMT is.

What is NMT?

NMT, which is short for Neural Machine Translation, automatically converts source text in one language to text in another language. Being a division of computational linguistics, NMT relies on ANN, or artificial neural networks. Artificial neural networks are in fact modelled on the human brain, which can be a scary thought if you don’t fully understand how it works. Well, you know us! We’re here to drop the knowledge and tell you!


Artificial neural networks are modelled on the human brain so that they can predict the likelihood of certain sequences of words. And that’s the really neat thing about Neural Machine Translation as a whole! The overarching NMT algorithm is a deep learning one. What does that mean? It means that users can train NMT! At GTH, that’s what we do, and we do it hundreds of times each and every day!


We train different Neural Machine Translation engines to recognize source and target connections using large datasets. By training our Neural Machine Translation systems, what we’re actually doing is building stronger connections between words. These words are then strengthened or weakened through the training we provide. The Neural Machine Translation algorithm observes these correlations and adapts to predict and increase the likelihood of correct translations.


So, now you know what Neural Machine Translation is. But what you probably didn’t know is that Neural Machine Translation is used by only a select few LSPs (Localization Service Providers) to automate their translations. They use NMT to translate text from one language into another.


Some LSPs don’t like to advertise that they’re using NMT. We’re not ashamed or shy to tell you or the rest of the world that we do.




Because when it comes to localizing content, there’s a stark difference between heavily relying on AI or choosing to leverage Neural Machine Translation.


Remember what we said about AI? It’s not trainable. NMT is, and that’s the big difference between the two. At GTH, we know how to leverage translation technology. We’ve been doing it for years, and that experience has taught us what localization tech to use and when it’s best to use it.

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