To start with, GTH is made up of a team of localization experts who have the experience and talent to not just localize your brand, but to take it to where you want it to go.

We’re not into using Google Translate or machine translations as we know your clients wouldn’t be interested in you if you were to use such services. So, instead, we use real, living, breathing human professional translators.

No minimal fee either. You pay for what you get, which is always top quality work.

One of our biggest strengths is the way we communicate with you. We’ll always be honest and talk to you directly. No beating around the bush. Time is money and so we’ll never try to pull the wool over your eyes either because we wouldn’t like it if someone did it to us.

To start with, every service we offer here at GTH fully complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 guidelines. Our ISO certification is initiated and is in progress.

When it comes to how we assure quality each and every time, well the good news is that you play a part in this. We use a common practices checklist, which has been built over the years of working with our clients. One of the key aspects of this checklist is the terminology you want to use. For instance, some of our clients like a really conversational tone when it comes to them communicating with their clients, while others prefer a more conservative tone. No matter the tone, we’ll create a terminology sheet for you so that we can assure consistency across the board when it comes to carrying out repetitive tasks. We then have a second person at GTH proofreading all the translations. Finally, your dedicated Project Manager carries out the final QA prior to delivering your translations, content, etc. Everything runs like clockwork, just the way we like it, and we’re sure you’re going to like it too.

Some of our clients ask us to add a Certificate of Translation Accuracy to their orders, and we’re more than happy to do this for you too. The Certificate of Translation Accuracy is a way to guarantee that the translation has been carried out by a professional native translator to the best of his or her ability.

Please note that this certification is not the same as a sworn translation service, i.e. a translation done by an officially appointed (sworn) translator. It does however give you the peace of mind that the translations we’re carrying out for you are of the highest quality. Another good point to tell you about is that regardless of whether or not you want a Certificate of Translation Accuracy, the translation work we’ll carry out for you is still of the highest quality.

Always, 100% human translations. Why? Machines can’t understand culture, nuances in a language, nor can they understand idioms. Machines won’t overcome this challenge, at least not in the near future. You see, the main challenge when it comes to machine translators is that they simply can’t relate a word to context, and because of this, the translation being outputted from the machine translator would never reflect the true meaning. It also can’t reflect tone and style. We don’t talk like machines, or at least we know that you don’t and neither do your clients.

We have a huge hub of translators who are situated all over the world. We also don’t believe in a “here today, gone tomorrow” policy, which means the majority of our translators have been with us for years..

Whilst some are with us in our offices, the majority work from their own countries.

This helps our clients as they’re getting a linguist professional who not only is a native speaker, but one who truly understands culture changes. This is so important when it comes to delivering the highest quality of translation work.

Time is money, and we’re not sorry for using that cliché. If you want to undertake the misery of vetting an experienced freelance translator each and every time you need translations done for a new project, go ahead. If like us, you value your time and your patience, it’s best to go with a tried, trusted and credible unified localizations provider like GTH. We’ve done the vetting for you

Here at GTH, we offer you and every other client our satisfaction guarantee, which is that we’ll provide your high volume projects with a quick turnaround time, but will also provide you with quality localization work. How do we do this? Your dedicated Project Manager will select a translator who fits your brand, your tone, your industry. One who has experience in what you’re selling. It’s our job to make sure you’re happy, and we’ve been doing this for a decade now.

We don’t really have a list of standard rates per se as our basic fees are only intended as guidance. The localization work we create daily varies and is widely impacted by a few factors, which include:

  • Language required

  • Turnaround time

  • File format

You can always request a Free sample here or get in touch with one of our team member here.

As we’re into keeping things simple here at GTH, you’ll be asked to pay once we’ve delivered the project to you. However, there’s a small caveat in that in some cases we may ask for a partial or full payment upfront. Get in touch with us to find out more.

We may ask for partial or full payment upfront, and this is dependent on a few factors. For instance the project size. If you’re looking to translate your entire website into multiple languages (which we do for a wide range of clients who serve multiple verticals) and we’ve never worked together before, we will evaluate your requirements and let you know. Sound fair?

Generally speaking, we take these basic steps when it comes to carrying out translation services for you:

Step 1: Prep Work

When we receive the source material from you, your dedicated GTH Project Manager will analyze it. They’re typically looking for inconsistencies, typos, ease of understanding, etc.

Step 2: Getting Ready for Translation

Once your Project Manager has finalized their review of the source material you’ve sent over, they’ll prepare something called the GTH TS, which is an acronym for “GTH Translations Sheet”. The GTH TS will list all your requirements, such as the tone you’re looking for and any other nuances you’ve asked us to look out for.

Step 3: Execution

The GTH TS along with your project is then assigned to the linguist team who fits your brand and profile. Depending on the size of the project, this may require more than one Localization Expert (our fancy name for a Translator). The Localization Expert or experts will then work on translating the source material into a fully localized set of content you will be proud of.

Step 4: First QA

The translated document or set of documents are then passed onto another Localization Expert. Their job is to proofread the work of the first Localization Expert and to guarantee the quality.

To guarantee satisfaction, no brief is sent to the proofreader. They’re simply given the document and then they need to explain what they’ve understood from it. They report this to your dedicated Project Manager. If the proofreader has completely understood the context and has also given the content the all clear with regards to grammar and typos, your Project Manager takes it from here.

Step 5: Final QA

Your Project Manager will run through the comprehensive QA Checklist we use here at GTH. If everything is green across the board, the content is then sent to you. If there are still some items that need to be clarified, we’ll ensure they’re done perfectly before sending you the finalized translated content.

We check everything when it comes to the final QA. From ensuring nothing was missed, to ensuring the content tone fits your brand, to encompassing the general context of the content piece. No stone is left unturned.

When you’re ready to have your content translated, we’ll send you out a form. It’s simple and won’t take too long for you to fill it in. Within this form, you submit to us the files or content you want us to translate. Now, as long as the submitted files are prepared in an understandable way and there aren’t too many mistakes in the source content, your project will run smoothly.

If the minimum requirements above aren’t met, we’ll have to get back to you so that we can clarify the source. Your Project Manager may also include some of the Localization Experts too if they have any questions. So as you can see, the longer we wait for a complete brief from you, the longer the process may get. In other words, speedy clients get quicker results 🙂

We’ll always do our best to keep you and the GTH Localization Expert together on all projects. Sometimes, however, there may arise a case where your Localization Expert is off on their annual leave or working on another project. If this is the case and you can’t wait for them to get started on your project, we’ll find another Localization Expert who fits your brand like a glove.

Yes, however, we will charge for any translation work we completed up to the point you requested a cancellation.

Yes. Yes, we do. We’ve got a team of super-talented copywriters who have written a combined 10,000,000 (yes, that’s TEN MILLION) words, which is over 20,000 A4 pages of content. They’ve literally covered every industry known to man. So, no matter what industry you’re in or what tone you’re looking for, our Copywriting Team here at GTH has you covered.

Whether you’re looking for localization work or content services, we’ll provide you with your own dedicated Project Manager. This person will walk you through what it is you’re looking for in your content, from the tone, to what it is you want the content to achieve. From there, they will assign a Copywriter from the GTH Copywriting Team who fits your brand and has the experience to ensure you’re well and truly satisfied with the content they’re going to be creating for you.

Once the Copywriter has finalized your content, it will be forwarded to the Editor of the Copywriting Team. They will then assess the quality of the content and leave their feedback for the Copywriter and Project Manager. Once the feedback has been addressed, the Editor takes a look through the content again. Once approved, your Project Manager will review the content and provide their feedback, if any. From there, we’ll deliver the content to you.

Yes, they do. We have a dedicated section of the Copywriting Team which is responsible for the on-page SEO side of the content. We’ll work with you on your keywords and the content we create will be based upon the keywords you’ve given us. Thing is, with the ever-changing SEO algorithms, we’re no longer just focusing on keywords, but rather the readability of the content we’re giving you. Every piece of content we create is unique and passed through a plagiarism checker. We also pass the content through a readability filter. This tells us how receptive readers are going to be to the content we’ve created for you.

You only ever get the very best from all of us here at GTH, whether it’s content marketing or localization work, we ensure you get the best.