By Sarah J

By Sarah J

April 4, 2023

How Straightforward Localization is Empowering the Gulf’s Medical & Oil & Gas Companies to Achieve their Globalization Goals

How Straightforward Localization is Empowering the Gulf’s Medical & Oil & Gas Companies to Achieve their Globalization Goals

The Gulf region’s medical, oil, and gas industries are rapidly expanding. Just to put this into some sort of perspective, the healthcare market alone is projected to reach $71.3 billion by 20251. That’s a staggering number!

Companies in the three sectors – medical, oil, and gas – are increasingly seeking to establish a presence in international markets. Thing is, when such a global strategy is set, if a company is going to achieve their globalization goals, effective communication and a deep understanding of the target audience is a needed requirement. This is where localization and content creation services play a crucial role, and at GTH, we’re proud to announce that we’re empowering companies to bridge the gap between local and global markets.

Let’s jump right into why localization is key to your business, especially if you’re going to make waves in a new country.

You’re running a successful business and you uphold the number one rule, which is to put the client or customer first. A lot of the brands we work with, such established game operators, affiliates, and a host of other firms in a multitude of industries believe in this rule. Thing is, a lot of them also stumble when it comes to localization.

What’s localization? Glad you asked. In the next section, we’re going to cover what localization actually is, and how it’s not just an important factor in expanding your brand, but vital!

The Significance of Localization Services

When it comes to medical, oil, and gas companies, overcoming language barriers is truly essential in reaching global markets. Given that there are over 7,000 languages spoken worldwide2, this in itself creates a significant challenge for businesses expanding internationally, albeit if they’re already backed by their huge brands. By investing in professional localization services, these companies ensure that their technical documents, marketing materials, and legal contracts are accurately translated and – more importantly – culturally sensitive. Additionally, navigating complex international regulations is made easier with the help of expert localizers and translators who are well-versed in the legal and regulatory requirements of the target markets. The good news is that we have a specialist who deals with all of this at GTH. More on Nadeem later.

Content Creation for Global Success

Adapting marketing strategies and creating tailored content for international audiences is another vital aspect of global success, and one that definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, research shows that 75% of consumers prefer to buy products in their native language3, and this highlights the importance of localized content, which is something we specialize on at GTH .

When a medical, oil, and gas company undertakes the huge task of creating packages and products in the native languages of their target markets, we’re talking about them understanding the preferences and cultural norms of the target audience and producing content that resonates with them. That’s no small task, which is why our content creation division, which has industry-specific expertise, is ready to help the gulf’s medical, oil, and gas companies develop engaging and relevant content that appeals to their global clientele. Our localization division then takes the content and localizes it, adding cultural nuances to the translations.

Pain Points and Solutions

Maintaining accuracy and consistency in translations is one of the key pain points many medical, oil, and gas in the gulf face. The solution? Investing in professional localization and translation services, which utilize a strong quality assurance process to ensure that translated materials accurately convey the intended message while maintaining consistency across all languages.

Another pain point our medical, oil, and gas clients in the gulf have experienced is when it comes to them adapting marketing materials to suit different cultures. Once again, GTH offers a solution there, too. We collaborate with them and by using our content creation division’s cultural expertise, we can and have created marketing materials that are tailored to the unique preferences and norms of the target markets our clients are looking to penetrate.

One of the biggest pain points medical, oil, and gas companies in the gulf are experiencing is when they attempt to navigate complex international regulations and standards. Once again, GTH is at the forefront when it comes to providing the solution to this pain point. Our medical, oil, and gas clients partner with us because we have experience in the medical, oil, and gas verticals, which ensures that we have a full understanding of all legal and regulatory compliance measures needed in the targeted countries.

A look at the numbers

One of our clients saw a 30% increase in international sales within the first year of implementing a comprehensive localization strategy. By investing in professional translation services for their technical documents, marketing materials, and website content. In fact, our client was able to effectively communicate with potential clients and partners in their target markets. As a result, they secured several lucrative contracts and expanded their operations in new regions.

Are you a medical, oil, and gas company in the gulf who’s looking to expand?

If you are, then you already know that localization and content creation services are indispensable tools you’re going to need when seeking to achieve your globalization goals. By partnering with experienced localization & content creation service providers like GTH, you’re going to overcome language barriers, adapt your marketing strategies, and create content that appeals to international audiences. The potential benefits of investing in our professional localization and content creation services will lead to increased sales, workforce growth, and efficient market entry. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, medical, oil, and gas companies – especially located within the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, should be prioritizing their investments in localization and content creation services like GTH, especially if they’re looking to stay competitive and expand their global footprint.

Meet GTH’s medical, oil, and gas localization specialist

Nadeem is our go-to specialist when it comes to working with medical, oil, and gas companies in the gulf. If you’re looking to expand, simply schedule a meeting with him so as to explore innovative ways in which Nadeem and his team at GTH can assist you in reaching your globalization objectives. Book your call here.



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