By Alan G

By Alan G

Jan 28, 2023

3 Immediate Benefits of Localizing Your iGaming Platform

iGaming and gambling localization refers to the process of adapting online casino games and sports betting platforms to the specific language, culture, and regulations of a particular country or region. This process can bring many benefits to both players and operators. The industry has boomed in the past few years, with localization moving away from the reputation of an added bonus, but becoming a much-needed necessity. While localization has obvious benefits, there are three particular perks that we’re going to delve into, let’s read on.

Increased player engagement and retention

One of the main benefits of iGaming and gambling localization is that it can increase player engagement and retention. When players can access games and betting platforms in their native language, they are more likely to understand the rules and gameplay, which can lead to a more enjoyable and satisfying experience. Let’s face it, who actually enjoys experiencing media that is very obviously not intended for you? If it sounds like a foreign attempt at localization, you’ve already lost the player. Localization should also include cultural elements such as imagery, music, and themes that are familiar and appealing to players, which can further increase engagement.

Furthermore, localized platforms are also more likely to comply with the regulations and laws of the country they operate in, which can increase trust and loyalty among players. This can also lead to increased retention, as players are more likely to return to platforms that they trust and find enjoyable.  This is particularly important as iGaming regulations are seen as paramount to success. The terms and conditions that a casino sets must be accurate to the last letter. If localization is not done properly, you risk jeopardizing the integrity of your casino with rules and regulations that are open to player interpretation. At the end of the day, players can easily tell the difference between native and non-native work. There is a palpable difference in how they interact with your online casino depending on whether or not they think that the website is foreign, camouflaged through hasty translation work. You don’t just want an influx of new players, you want them to feel at home and stay.

Increased revenue and market share

Another benefit of iGaming and gambling localization is that it can increase revenue and market share for operators. When platforms are localized, they can target specific markets and demographics, which can lead to increased revenue from these groups. Additionally, localization can also help to reduce the barriers to entry for new players, which can increase the overall size of the market and lead to more revenue opportunities.

Furthermore, localized platforms can also help to increase market share by providing a unique and differentiated offering compared to non-localized platforms. This can make it more difficult for competitors to enter the market and can lead to increased market share for the localized platform. Think of it as a bank. The more secure and optimized your bank’s defenses are, the less likely it is that someone is going to be able to penetrate your defenses and steal what’s inside. Optimizing your localization doesn’t just give immediate results, it also acts as a long-term advantage for your casino.

Better customer service

Finally, another major benefit of iGaming and gambling localization is that it can lead to better customer service. When platforms are localized, they can provide customer support in the players’ native language, which can make it easier for players to communicate their issues and concerns. There is a sense of player relief that comes with talking to someone who knows where you’re coming from. Let’s not forget that the iGaming industry deals primarily with people’s money. Players do not want to feel like they’re talking to someone 5000 miles away who doesn’t speak their native language, especially in moments of distress when they might have issues with the casino games. When customer service is delivered in a language that players are comfortable with, it is easier for them to understand the instructions and solutions provided by customer service.

Additionally, localized platforms can also help to reduce the barriers to entry for new players, which can increase the overall size of the market and lead to more revenue opportunities.

In conclusion, iGaming and gambling localization can bring many benefits to both players and operators. By increasing player engagement and retention, increasing revenue and market share, and providing better customer service, localization can help to create a more enjoyable and profitable experience for all involved. As the online gambling industry continues to grow, localization will become increasingly important for operators looking to succeed in this competitive market, a market that we at GTH know all too well.

GTH’s experience of over a decade in the iGaming industry has allowed us to perfect every aspect that goes into making your platform sound and feel native. With the help of a dedicated project manager, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

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