Leveraging Translation Technology in an AI World

The interviewee explains how GTH has adapted to the increased reliance on technology to meet the demands of their clients, and emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between using technology and human expertise to produce accurate and culturally appropriate translations.

Why Testing Your Localization Is Key When Entering New Regions

Localization isn't just about translating content, but rather adapting to the culture and market of the target audience. GTH shares the example of Marks & Spencer's failed attempt to penetrate the Chinese market due to their failure to adapt and localize with their new market, highlighting the importance of testing and understanding the culture of the target market.

What is the Value of Using an LSP?

What exactly do LSPs offer that make them so invaluable in communication roles throughout all industries? Let's find out!

The Role of ChatGPT in the Future of iGaming Localization

ChatGPT is emerging as a top candidate to help with all sorts of localization work. How does it fare with iGaming? Let's find out!

How to Know When You Need a Translation Agency

Your project might be ready for localization, but how do you know whether to go the freelance route or the agency route? Let's discuss your needs to find out why you should go for a translation agency!

ChatGPT in Localization

The language AI chatbot has been taking the world by storm. Where does its place lie in the world of localization? Let's find out.

Different Games, Different Platforms

What changes when a localization team has to work on different platforms? How does it impact the workflow? Read on and find out!

Website Localization & SEO: Importance and Relevance in iGaming

Website localization, SEO, iGaming, what binds them all together? We're talking about their importance and relevance, let's read on.

Gaming Localization: A Deep Dive

Gaming has been skyrocketting in popularity with no end in sight. Naturally, opportunities for localization emerge, with studios wanting to turn their hit games into a global sensation. Get ready to deep dive into how gaming localization works!

3 Immediate Benefits of Localizing Your iGaming Platform

In a booming industry like the iGaming industry, it's important to maintain a consistently native tone when addressing your clients. We've picked out 3 immediate benefits to localizing your iGaming platform. Let's read on!

Revolutionising Business Operations and Delighting Clients with AI Automation

In an AI-saturated world, businesses must adapt or be left behind. Discover how GTH uses AI automation to enhance operational efficiency, client satisfaction, and sales growth, witnessing an impressive 48% increase in sales for our clients. Join us in this series of articles as we uncover the power of AI and its practical applications across various business operations.

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How Voice Overs are Boosting Brands in 2023

Discover how incorporating voice overs into your brand and marketing strategy can captivate your audience, establish trust, and amplify your brand’s voice on a global scale. Harness the emotional impact and storytelling potential of voice overs to create a lasting impression and build strong connections with your target audience.

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The Importance of Localization for Forex Brokerages

The global foreign exchange (Forex) market continues to expand rapidly, with daily trading volumes surpassing $6 trillion. As the market grows increasingly interconnected, it’s becoming more important than ever for Forex brokerages to prioritize localization efforts. Localization goes beyond mere translation and involves adapting every aspect of a brokerage’s offering to the specific needs of each target market. By investing in localization, brokerages can cater to the unique needs of their diverse clients, traders, and partner base, expand their global reach, comply with local regulations, and enhance customer support. In this blog post, we explore the key reasons why localization is vital for success, as well as why localization is deemed as an investment by leading Forex brokers

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